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CASE Psychology is a pediatric practice offering assessment, intervention, consultation, and diagnostic services for children and teens in Burlington and surrounding communities. We work with children and teens with learning disabilities, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, social skills deficits, weak executive functions, emotional regulation, mental health, and behaviour issues.

Our highly trained professionals provide evidence-based assessment and intervention services, and ensure that all services are tailored to the unique needs of your child. Our associates are private practitioners who are fully licensed to practice within their respective disciplines, or are directly supervised by licensed practitioners. Having multiple disciplines working together on complex cases ensures that children receive comprehensive services and the best support possible.

We work collaboratively with each other, and with parents, teachers and other professionals, to ensure that we fully understand your child’s needs, and to ensure we provide the most effective recommendations for supporting your child’s development.

At CASE we go the extra mile to ensure your child is comfortable throughout the assessment process, by creating a warm, fun environment. Parents are highly regarded as experts on their children, and are involved every step of the way! We are committed to making the assessment process as warm as possible, while still adhering to best-practices. Once the assessment is completed, our clients are free to contact us for ongoing support, should the need ever arise. We welcome you to the CASE family!