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Our fees are set below the recommended guidelines established by the Ontario Psychological Association (the current OPA guideline is $225 per hour).  Please note that psychological services are not covered by OHIP, although some extended health care plans do cover (all or a portion of) these services.  Please check with your insurance provider to see if you have coverage for psychological services.

Fees are due at the end of each session. Fees can be paid by Visa, Mastercard, debit, or cash. A receipt will be provided upon payment, which can be submitted to your insurance company for reimbursement. We do not provide direct billing at this time.

Please note that 1-hour sessions usually end at 50 minutes, to allow time for updating your records, scoring, planning for your next session, and securing your information.

Related services such phone calls or requests for additional documentation or letters will be billed at the standard rate, in 15-minute intervals.

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