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Clarifying concerns and creating a plan

Sometimes it can be difficult to pinpoint what your child is struggling with. Talking with a psychologist can help to clarify your concerns, and determine the best way to move forward. Your psychologist can help to identify main concerns, contributing problems, and can suggest which services would be most appropriate for your child. Consultation sessions are 30-minute or 1-hour sessions that allow parents to ask questions, discuss problems, and get ideas on possible next steps or strategies. 

Parenting support

Consultation sessions are often used to provide parenting support, strategies, and new ideas for managing your child’s learning, attention, or behaviour problems at home or at school. Parenting support can involve working on the parent-child relationship, and using behaviour principles, positive parenting strategies and emotion-focused approaches to manage your child’s moods and challenging behaviours.

These sessions can be booked alone, or as part of your child’s larger assessment. In either case, the child is the main focus, and your psychologist will work with you, to help you help your child.