ADHD Assessment
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ADHD Assessments in Burlington, Ontario

Does your child or teen have difficulty with attention, often loses focus, is easily distracted, or has trouble following instructions?
Does your child or teen continually procrastinate, taking an usually long time to complete tasks, or is unable to complete assignments?
Does your child or teen seem ‘fidgety’, often finding it difficult to sit still? Are they constantly very active, or extremely talkative?
An ADHD assessment is used to test for, and diagnose, ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) in children and teens who are presenting with these attention and hyperactivity concerns.

CASE Psychology provides a wide range of psychological assessments, including ADHD assessments, and we’re based in Burlington, Ontario, serving the Halton region, as well as communities in and around the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our team of registered psychologists and psychological associates are highly-trained and experienced in ADHD assessment, ADHD diagnosis, and ADHD support for children and adolescents, age 6 through to age 20.

An ADHD assessment, or the more comprehensive psychoeducational assessment, can be used to diagnose ADHD, or rule out ADHD, in your child or teen. Through these diagnostic assessments, our skilled clinicians also provide evidence-based recommendations to effectively manage your child’s ADHD behaviours at home and at school.

What to expect in each session of an ADHD assessment
Our ADHD assessment is usually made up of three sessions typically taking about 6 weeks from the first session to the final session.

INITIAL CONSULTATION: Our ADHD assessment starts with a 1-hour online video initial consultation with the parent and the psychologist. If your child is 12 years of age, or older, they are required to attend this initial consultation so that the psychologist can discuss consent. You’ll provide the child’s mental and medical history, developmental milestones achieved and missed through the early years, and of course, the details of the presenting concerns. The psychologist will let you know if they need you to submit any documents as additional sources of information, such as school report cards.

IN-PERSON TESTING: A few weeks after the initial consultation, your child may need to attend a 1.5-hour in-person testing session at our mental health clinic, situated at 4145 North Service Road, Burlington, Ontario. Only the child is required in the testing room with the psychologist, and the psychologist administers standardized psychological tests to assess your child’s cognitive capabilities and attention concerns.

FEEDBACK MEETING: A few weeks after your child’s in-person testing session, the psychologist completes the ADHD assessment report, and hosts the 30-minute online video feedback meeting, usually with parents only. The psychologist presents the testing results and your child’s official ADHD diagnosis (if any). Our ADHD assessment identifies which type of ADHD may be present (inattentive, hyperactive, or combined), as well as the severity. The psychologist also describes comprehensive recommendations, some of which may be targeted to your child’s school, college, or university. The ADHD assessment report is shared with you only. You may then share the ADHD assessment report with your child’s school, college, or university, so that the educational institution can provide accommodations to better support your child in class and uniquely enhance their learning environment.

Psychologist providing child with ADHD testing
Psychologist providing teenager with ADHD assessment and diagnosis

What is the cost of an ADHD assessment at CASE Psychology?
Our ADHD assessment costs a total of $ 1410.
We do not require a deposit at the time of booking your appointments.
Your payment method on file is charged for each session, on the day of that session, similar to pay-as-you-go.

Does OHIP cover the cost of an ADHD assessment in Ontario?
Your child’s school, college or university may be able to provide a psychoeducational or ADHD assessment that is government-funded or institution-funded. However, wait times often exceed a year, and there is no guarantee when, or if, your child may be attended to.
An ADHD assessment provided by a private clinic, such as CASE Psychology, is not covered under OHIP in Ontario, but we can provide your child or teen with an ADHD assessment within a few weeks or months, guaranteed.

Will my extended health insurance cover the cost of an ADHD assessment?
We recommend that you check with your insurance provider whether your child has extended health insurance coverage for registered psychologist services. In addition to the dollar amount of coverage your child may have, you should be aware of your insurance policy’s renewal date, and whether your insurance provider requires a medical doctor’s referral in order to reimburse you for mental health services.

Does my child need a doctor’s referral for an ADHD assessment at CASE Psychology?
No – CASE Psychology is a private mental health clinic – we do not require a doctor’s referral for any of our services.

Does my child need an ADHD assessment, or a psychoeducational assessment?
ADHD is essentially diagnosed through a process of elimination: we must rule out other more plausible reasons for a child’s inattention concerns, before we can diagnose the problem as an attention disorder. In fact, ADHD most often occurs along with other processing or learning disorders. For this reason, ADHD testing at CASE Psychology usually includes a thorough evaluation of your child’s other functions, such as reasoning, memory, processing speed, basic academic skills, and mental health screening. A comprehensive assessment, such as a psychoeducational assessment, allows us to identify and diagnose any other hidden disorders that might exist alongside your child’s attention concerns. If your child or teen has already completed a psychoeducational assessment within the past two years, and is still presenting with significant attention or hyperactivity concerns, our psychologists can provide an ADHD assessment.

Psychologist and child in an ADHD assessment

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