Autism Consultation & Behaviour Intervention

Autism Consultation and Caregiver-Led Behaviour Intervention

Is your child or teen diagnosed with autism, and struggling with things like behavioural challenges, sleep, toileting, feeding, social engagement, communication, social skills, life skills, or anxiety? Our Board Certified Behaviour Analyst (BCBA) offers online video consultation for parents, to help guide and teach parents evidence-based interventions to bring about change for children and teens with autism.

Research indicates that children with autism sometimes need as many as 25 hours of weekly intervention. Many interventionists can provide only a few hours of direct service per week. However, with the right guidance and support, parents are powerfully placed to provide much of this intervention themselves during the hours they spend with their child each day engaging in daily activities.

Virtual (online video) support has been shown to be effective in coaching caregivers to use everyday activities, as well as items and materials within their home, to improve engagement and social communication skills in children. Your everyday activities can be the best learning opportunities. By sharing information about how your child typically engages in activities with you, you and your autism consultant can figure out precisely which skills to target next. After goals are created and prioritized, your BCBA will teach you the strategies you need to move forward, providing coaching and support as needed.

If you would like to get started on this journey, please contact us to set up an initial consultation.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Is the cost covered by OHIP or extended health insurance?
These services are not covered by OHIP. You should check with your insurance provider, as they may or may not be covered by your extended health insurance benefits.

Can I use OAP funding?
Yes, this is an eligible service for OAP funding.

Will someone come into my home to work with my child?
No. Our autism consultant provides online video / virtual guidance and coaching for caregiver-led intervention. This means that the BCBA will teach and coach parents/caregivers to use strategies themselves, to bring about the desired behaviours and help their children improve targeted skills.