Parent Consultation

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Parenting sessions are used to provide parents with a deeper understanding of themselves and of their child, and to help parents learn more compassionate and effective ways of viewing and responding to their child’s challenging emotions or behaviours. At CASE, we believe that parents play an invaluable role in their child’s well-being, and we strive to include the parent as a partner and expert on their child. Our approach is compassionate, emotion focused, and attachment-based. We typically work with parents on things like:
  • Challenging behaviour (defiance, aggression)
  • Challenging emotions (tantrums, outbursts)
  • Difficulty with setting limits
  • Questions about how to discipline
  • Difficulty with sleep
  • Difficulty with toilet training
  • General concerns about their child’s emotional health or behaviour
  • Questions about helping their child through parental separation / divorce
  • Helping their child through big life transitions
  • Support through the adoption process
  • Helping their child through sadness and grief
  • Handling bullying and other school issues
These sessions can be booked alone, or as part of your child’s treatment. It is not necessary for your child to know that you are attending parent sessions, and the child is not included in these sessions.