Adult Therapy and Counselling

Adult Therapy in Burlington, Ontario

We commonly see adults for issues related to anxiety, depression, mood-swings, attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), self-harm, high-conflict family dynamics, relationship problems, parenting, major life stressors and transitions, stress related to work or supporting a loved one with high needs, and trauma.

Our clinicians work with adult clients using a collaborative and respectful approach, utilizing evidence-based therapies flexibly to suit individual needs. We believe that there is the potential for health and healing within all individuals, and we skillfully guide you towards developing your inner strengths. We strive to understand your unique challenges and to personalize sessions to ensure you feel seen, heard, comfortable, respected, and empowered.

If you have any questions, or would like to book an initial consultation with one of our licensed therapists, please contact us for adult and family therapy in Burlington.

In-Person Adult Therapy and Counselling Available

CASE Psychology provides in-person therapy and counselling for adults at our clinic (4145 North Service Road, Burlington, Ontario). Our highly-trained and experienced therapists welcome you to our comforting therapy rooms.

Online Video Adult Therapy / Virtual Adult Therapy Now Available

We also provide online video therapy, or virtual therapy for adults across all of Ontario. Online video therapy can save you time that may have otherwise been spent getting prepared and commuting to and from CASE Psychology’s clinic, thereby adding convenience to your busy daily life.

For those who may have anxiety about going out into public spaces, or meeting people face-to-face, online video therapy provides a safe and practical way for them to connect with their therapist for the tailored support they need.

Adult Therapy in Burlington